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ESOLPK provides many services to the energy sector. Working with power and energy producers and suppliers to add real value at key points throughout their supply chain and create tailored services around their needs. These solutions help anticipate the customer needs and rapid provision of the services that meet such needs.


  Land and Tract Management Application
Land and Tract Management Application

LandMasters Energy Management Systems is a USA based company, dedicated providing high quality land and ownership management tools and services. Oil and gas exploration and production involves the management of thousands of acres of land, multitudes of mineral owners, working interest owners, and land professionals. LEMS provides fully integrated database to offer management tools for the well operator and other land professionals utilizing cloud computer technology.

We, at ESOLPK, have been the service provider for LandMasters Energy Management Systems. We have developed a custom software application to maintain the Land and Tract Data for all Clients. Other features include management and maintenance of land lease records, legal contracts, mineral and various types of land interests in relational database to eliminate duplicate data entry and preventing errors. This software application is targeted for Land men, Attorneys, Mineral Owners and Managers and/or other representatives who are in the field. The development technology is .NET with MS SQL Server.

After the first phase of development completed, LandMasters Energy Management Systems has acquired a full time team on on-going basis from ESOLPK to work continually on this project.

For more details about the project, please vsit their website.

  Estron Chemical Inc.

The history of Estron Chemical began in 1976 with the formation of SBS Chemicals. The company was founded by Dr. Stanislaw B. Skora, who recognized the promise of solvent-free coatings technology while it was still in its infancy. Estron has subsequently developed over 100 proprietary, high-performance additives and resins, making it one of the most successful coatings additives companies in its field.

The initial website of Estron was pretty basic website and was developed using the Ruby on Rails framework. Basically, it is a small e-commerce shopping cart style site. The requirement of our client was to change technology of this website. ESOLPK provided the required services to Estron for this website conversion from Ruby on Rails to PHP and MySQL.

For futrther details about the project please visit


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"ESOLPK has always delivered on their projects on budget and in time. I have been exceptionally impressed by the level of expertise and dedication ESOLPK has shown to my projects..."

Ritchie Fung, CEO, Conrich Group of Companies, Canada

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